About Us

Tech & Trade Pakistan As our name we are combination of technology and trading expertise base in Pakistan, to provide our customers the best specialized engineering products and supplies witch help them to minimize supply chain cost and increase efficiency

We supply industrial instruments, spare parts and almost all the industrial equipments by original manufacturer from the local and around the globe, specially from USA, Europe, Canada and china..

Our supply chain management team which is based on highly qualified and experienced professionals and engineers to ensure our clients in time supply of their engineering needs, which help them to continue uninterrupted industrial operation.

Our sales engineers not only help you to choose the right product but also update our clients with advance technology research and product upgrade. And make sure to manage your requirements on time delivery.

Tech & Trade Pakistan believes in customer satisfaction therefore we go beyond the limits to provide solution of the problems with efficient engineering knowledge, supply management and communication with manufacturer and the end user,

Our Policy

Safety & Security policy

Our safety and security policy quality policy ( both in terms of products and the services) aims to implement and sustain an integrated quality system to meet ISO standards

Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy to strictly insure all activities and services to meet the international environmental standards

Our policies and commitments with our profession which has significantly contribute our remarkable growth in the region . TECH & TRADE PAKISTAN feels pride to welcome new ideas and concepts from our customized jobs and challenges at all the time as to maintain our slogan “A sing of your industrial solution “ Our team is ready to meet all the requirements and queries to serve the industries.

Wishing you all the best and success on behalf of entire team of TECH & TRADE PAKISTAN and we hope to share a successful working relationship with you.